16 February 2010

Texas Metal Renegade Tommy Bones Recording New CD

Upon the heels of his critically acclaimed self-released EP, Texas metal renegade Tommy Bones has ventured back into the recording studio to work on his next full length CD. His recent EP release has garnered rave reviews worldwide, not to mention receiving solid airplay in many pockets of the world. "For releasing a EP, the response was very good," says Bones. "We got alot of positive responses. Really good responses came from the people that actually understood the style and what I was trying to do with that album. It was a very different style of music for the time we are in and that's what I wanted to do. I'm not going to jump on the bandwagon just to sell music... I want to make music the Tommy Bones way and only the Tommy Bones way, straight forward METAL".

A native of Iowa, Tommy Bones started in 2006 as a solo project. The guitarist/vocalist recorded a 10-song CD titled Scarred, which combined a mixture of Rock, Alternative and Blues. After the CD was released Tommy Bones began receiving substantial airplay around the world. Because Scarred, which is available today at iTunes, Best Buy, Amazon, Target, etc, began selling tremendously, Tommy relocated to Dallas, Texas to get a new band started. Consequently, Tommy’s song Alone is featured on Dallas Rockers For Life album, which is awareness against drunk driving.

The upcoming CD promises to deliver a powerful dose of ear shattering metal delivered in Tommy Bones idiosyncratic style. "The new album is currently being recorded," Tommy explains. "It is alot more drum driven, something the first album I think was missing. We are taking a lot more time on this album on little details and production. The music itself is more aggressive and powerful. Yet, I still have that Tommy Bones drive and groove".

Here's what the press has been saying about the Tommy Bones EP:

"This is pure classic heavy metal with a touch of Texas for good measure. If you are into finding great bands before everyone gets wind of them, then check this lot out. Think Pantera at their best, then up the quality and that is what you get with this lot."  - Blog Critics

"If you like your metal white hot, then this newly released EP might run through your veins appreciatively like a quick jolt of adrenaline."  - Music Tap

"Tommy Bones is one of the best original metal bands to come out of Texas since Pantera."  - Extreme Full Throttle Radio

Along with completing the new CD, Tommy plans on touring in support of the upcoming release.

For more info and a listen to a sample of the new album: www.myspace.com/tommybonesmetal
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