17 December 2019

J Edwards song “Duck Blind” in New Independent Movie 'Christmas Cars', Written and Directed by and Starring John Schneider

J Edwards' song “Duck Blind” written by J Edwards and recorded by John Schneider is included in the new independent movie Christmas Cars, by John Schneider. 
“I love working with John and I love his version of the song,” shared J Edwards. “It is not so much where you are going, as it is getting there. That's what the song and movie is about.”

"In editing the movie, I came to a pivotal point where I needed excitement, grease and swamp. It was really only one song that would fit all three of those things perfectly, and that, my friend, is J Edwards’ ‘Duck Blind,’” shared John Schneider!
John Schneider wrote, directed and stars in this semi-autobiographical film featuring the General Lee, the iconic car driven by Schneider who starred as "Bo Duke" in The Dukes of Hazzard which ran for seven seasons from 1979 to 1985. In Christmas Cars, Schneider plays a former TV star that begins selling die-cast replicas of the General Lee in order to make the balloon payment on his movie camp. On the eve of his success, a post goes viral calling for a boycott, claiming that he and the car are the universal signs of intolerance and racism. If not for the help of his students and friends, all would be lost on Christmas Eve.
 J Edwards Music is available on all digital platforms Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Amazon Music

About John Schneider:
John Schneider’s extensive acting career includes the iconic roles of "Bo Duke" on The Dukes of Hazzard, “Jonathan Kent” on Smallville and "Jim Cryer" on his current series, Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots - the #1 primetime series on cable on Tuesday nights. John was also a fan favorite on Dancing with the Stars last fall. In addition to his incredible acting career, John has over 20 albums to his credit and four #1 singles on the Billboard Country chart. It’s also worth noting that John co-founded (with Marie Osmond) the Children's Miracle Network. For more info, visit

About J Edwards:
What would the Grizzly Bear sound like if it could sing? It would sound like it had taken lessons from J Edwards. It's that voice that rocks the streets of downtown Nashville, but it's his original songs that bring the city alive again with the spirit of long gone story-tellers. It's the voice that draws you in and the power in those words that nail you to the chair until the last strum of that old acoustic guitar. Folks have missed their planes back to California and New York while under the spell of those smoke-like songs. 

J Edwards has had some kind of instrument in his hand since birth. While other babies were grasping at rattles, he was playing Black Gospel tamborine from under the front pew of the "Holy Roller" church. A little up high and double time. Writing his first official song at 9 years old he quickly found an outlet for his writings with his already husky vocal sound and soon became the voice of the "hollering" songs that are sure to turn the worship, into a hand clapping, foot stomping good time. It wasn't long before Edwards was the fill in person on whatever instrument was unoccupied during each church service. So many different notes to express so many different moments.

Being raised pentecostal brought it's share of ridicule and some lack of connection with his friends at school, so in his teens J Edwards turned to the gut-wrenching sounds of Blues, R&B and the lonely stories told in the 70's and 80's country songs coming out of that beat up clock radio. A little misguided teasing by counterparts and being a little disregarded by female friends due to their lack of understanding and his "different" appearance was the nail through the soul that scratched out onto paper some of the most heart aching lyrics we've ever felt in a song. It could have been that wrasslin' with religion and the knowledge of it that mashed the spiritual and the longing for a specific woman together and brought us songs of a soft healing touch that still couldn't save him....  or maybe it was just an old T.G. Sheppard song. "She said, Do you want to go to heaven and I said yes, just lead me on..."

But, that voice will shake the rafters. J Edwards sounds  like somebody mixed the attributes of Joe Cocker, Bob Seger, Merle Haggard, Rev. Al Green, Bonnie Raitt and all of your favorite singers that poured it out from the heart and came up with something not like any of them, but still had the sound to take you to forgotten places where you were scared and comforted all at the same time. Somebody said "That voice has purpose. It comes out of his mouth with a job to do and does it. It gets it done" Those smoky tendrils of J Edwards' songs are creeping across the room at you right now. It's gonna put a spell on you.

Watch the trailer for Christmas Cars here and order Christmas Cars on the official website.

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