04 February 2013

Mersey Boys

 An Irish-American Professor Meets a Student by the Name of Lennon

Joanna Pickering, an experienced actress from Newcastle, England, leads a cast of newcomers in the La Muse Venale film production of Mersey Boys, a feature-length film about the Beatles.  Director Mike Strozier has setup an intensive film shooting schedule over the next few weeks that shall have the cast and crew taking the subway from a pub in Manhattan to a railroad yard in Brooklyn.  Ms. Pickering is in the female lead of Ginny Browne, a desirable co-ed at the Liverpool Art College, who sparks a relationship, as well as a rivalry, between Professor Al Moran and John Lennon. Anna Shields, a beautiful young woman from Boston, Massachusetts, is starring as Lizzy Gibson, a groupie of the Beatles and a rival with Ginny for the affections of the American professor.  Ms. Pickering and Ms. Shields are welcomed addition to the cast of the fledging acting troupe because of their acting abilities and their extensive credentials.  The two ladies both plan to be in the stage version of Mersey Boys.  The Mersey Boys novel is by Steven G. Farrell. The screenplay is by M. Stefan Strozier and Steven G. Farrell.  The stage version will be primarily the work of Mr. Strozier, who is an experienced playwright. Mike Strozier and Angelko Mar, La Muse Venale’s top technical person, can be seen all over Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Queens scouting for locales for the film.  The Staten Island Ferryboat will be pulling duty as the Ferryboat on the Mersey River.

Mersey Boys revolves around Al Moran, an Irish-American, and the role he plays in the development of the Beatles from their coffee house debut to their appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. Al and John connect on many levels because of their shared Irish heritage. Professor Moran shall be played by M. Stefan Strozier and Lennon shall be played by Jordan Brown.  The others Beatles shall be Jeremiah Stanfield (Paul), Brady Cudmore (George) and Trevor Crane. Co-stars are Ronnie Armani as Brian, Tatyana Kalko as Cynthia and Ryan Farrell as Gerry Marsden. According to Farrell Joanna Pickering is the star. “Ginny Browne is the best character I have ever created in my long writing career. Joanna Pickering is the ideal person to bring Ginny Browne to life on the big screen. Joanna Pickering rocks!”

Mr. Farrell would like to advise the reading public that Mersey Boys is not the same novel as Liverpool Roared.

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