03 March 2011

Duologue Announce Details of Debut EP - Free Download

London-based quintet Duologue have announced details of their debut self-titled EP on the 5th May (self-released) and the release of a sample track free download. 'Get Out While You Can' premiered late last week on Abeano with them stating...
"Patching together gritty blues rock and skewed glitches, Duologue’s sound billows like a gust of desert dust and city dirt. Intense and urgent, the lead track on the group’s self-titled debut EP might as well be warning us not to get too sucked in to their spiral of sound. A near futile mission..."  

Over the past six months Duologue have emerged from London’s live music scene swirling up a storm of anticipation via the incredible one off shows they’ve created at underground venues and newly discovered performance spaces, promoted solely through word of mouth and a burgeoning mailing list of loyal fans and faithful followers.

Deceptively titled they are in fact a five piece, consisting of founding members Tim Digby Bell (vocals) and Toby Leeming (live programming and beats) as well as violinist Seb Dilleyston, guitar, Toby Lee and Ross Stone on bass. Theirs is a hard to quantify sound, one which eschews the usual prescribed definitions of a rock band as they meld electronic and analogue over inescapably haunting melodies, cinematic strings and growling shadowy bass.

Though born out of Digby-Bell’s and Leeming’s shared passion for future music – dubstep, Aphex Twin and the rest of Warp’s output and Detroit technicians such as Carl Craig – what makes Duologue a band, and not just another experimental act destined for a glittering career in the blogosphere underground, is a real ability to use such a wide range of disparate yet vital influences to produce knockout rock songs fit for stadiums.

Their eponymous debut EP is the perfect example of their eclectic catalogue, opening with the grinding blues electronica of ‘Get Out While You Can’ leading into the thrilling post-dubstep rock of ‘Racketeer’, the rousing and hypnotic ‘Marching Orders’ all sewn up with anthemic ‘Zeros’.

With a self mixed and produced album already sketched out the band continue to write, explore, risk take and seek out untapped juxtapositions of beats and melodies, riffs and samples redefining and injecting rock music with a whole new purpose in the process.

Track listing below:
1. Get Out While You Can
2. Marching Orders
3. Racketeer
4. Zeros
  Duologue - Get Out While You Can (free download) by Stayloose

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