20 September 2020

Celebrate The 3rd Annual Joey Stuckey Alive Day Music Festival Macon, GA – September 29, 2020

 Join Macon/Bibb in celebrating by mayoral proclamation the 3rd Annual Joey Stuckey Alive Day
Tuesday, September 29, 2020 via Facebook Live: https://www.facebook.com/events/752378935555321/
From 6-9PM EDT
This free, family-friendly music festival was started by Macon’s Official Music Ambassador, Joey Stuckey, to share the joy of life and music with the community. Stuckey has gathered an array of talented bands and artists from across the country to come together in celebration of the anniversary of the day he beat the odds and survived the successful removal of a brain tumor. The tumor cost Joey his sight, but not his vision. He is grateful to be alive and wants to share this day of affirmation with his friends, family and neighbors around the world.

Chances are that if you are a true music enthusiast, especially of guitar-driven Southern rock and blues, you have heard of Macon, Georgia's official music ambassador Joey Stuckey. The blind producer and recording artist launched a new music festival in his hometown on September 29, 2017. The festival, “Joey Stuckey’s Alive Day,” hosted an array of talented musicians from across the state of Georgia. This free, family-friendly event was held in celebration of the anniversary of Stuckey's surviving brain tumor surgery as a child. While the brain tumor left Stuckey blind and with other health challenges, his parents started celebrating the anniversary of the successful removal of the brain tumor as a way to turn what could have been a traumatic experience for a child into a triumphant experience!
Stuckey sees his “Alive Day” as a chance to connect with family, friends and fans and to revel in the joy of living and music. It is a day dedicated to positivity and to uplifting the community. The inaugural concert featured 8 artists, a variety of activities for families, food trucks, perfect weather and over 500 music-lovers in attendance! Mayor Robert Reichert honored Stuckey by issuing a proclamation naming September 29th “Joey Stuckey’s Alive Day in Macon/Bibb.” The second annual festival in 2018 saw around 1500 attendees and this year’s third annual festival will be taking place via Facebook Live due to COVID-19. 
Says Stuckey, “The outpouring of love and support is humbling. I am looking forward to this year’s virtual festival!”

To learn more about Joey Stuckey's Alive Day check out the Mayor's proclamation:
Mayor's Proclamation https://youtu.be/nJrnnbsrQa0

For more information visit: www.joeystuckey.com

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