28 February 2019

Rebelle Road Heads to Austin for SXSW and Spotlights American Roots Artists in Multiple Venues


Continuing Focus on Equity in the Country/Roots Genre

Venues Include Maria’s Tacos Xpress
Hideaway Kitchen & Bar (Ramada)
Moontower Saloon, and Giddy Up’s


Rebelle Road, the California-based entertainment company dedicated to amplifying women and showcasing the depth of talent across the country/roots genre has announced multiple events in Austin, Texas the week of March 11-15.  Venues including Hideaway Kitchen & Bar, Moontower Saloon, Giddy Ups and Maria’s Taco Xpress are all hosting artists under the Rebelle Road banner representing a broad range of musical traditions. All events are free and open to the public.  

“In 2018, we launched our female-fronted company in Austin with a strong lineup of women; we held multiple events over the year and worked with so many people who were also focused on increasing visibility for female artists,” the trio stated. “So much has now changed and we feel the timing is right to show that equity is possible and also that country music exists everywhere - not just in one part of the United States.”

Performances by a broad range of artists representing the American sounds of  California, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas as well as some international artists include:  The Adobe Collective, Alice Wallace, Ali Holder, The Artisanals, Bonnie Whitmore, Carolina Story, Charlie Faye & the Fayettes, Curse of Lono, The HawtThorns, Jenny Van West, NOCONA, Jeremy Pinnell, Rosie Flores, Sam Morrow, Sarah Potenza, The Small Glories and Xander Hitzig.  (schedule below)

The release of studies by the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, combined with widely reported media reports on the disparity for women on country radio, at venues and festivals and in the recording studio has created a tidal response that was evident during the recent Grammy Awards.  Female artists, executives and those involved in making music have all banded together to create progressive change through programs including She Is the Music, She Said So, Make It Equal, and others.

“Rebelle Road is part of this movement to seek equality for women, as well as working for those ‘rebels’ who are making music across the country,” the founders stated.  “Just as we’re based in California and want people to know about the history and legacy for country music here, Texas and other places across the world have their own roots traditions and sounds.”

Rebelle Road is a Los Angeles-based entertainment company founded by industry executive Karen Rappaport McHugh, along with Americana artists KP Hawthorn and Adrienne Isom. Dedicated to exploring the female point of view and bolstering American sounds in country music, the company is developing a concert series, podcast, boutique festival and Film/TV properties. “Women’s contributions in all aspects of Western life have been minimized and our goal is to bring these untold stories forward, particularly as they impact music,” they stated.

Tuesday, 3/12 - Hideaway Bar
6:00 - 6:30p Jenny Van West
6:45 - 7:15p Ali Holder
7:30 - 8:00p Alice Wallace

8:15 - 8:45p NOCONA
9:00 - 9:45p The HawtThorns

Wednesday, 3/13 - Moontower Saloon
6:00 - 6:45p NOCONA
7:00 - 7:45p Alice Wallace
8:00 - 8:45p Carolina Story
9:00 - 9:45p The HawtThorns

10:00 - 10:45p The Adobe Collective

Thursday 3/14 - Giddy Ups
7:00 - 7:45p The HawtThorns
8:00 - 8:45p Carolina Story
9:00 - 9:45p NOCONA
10:00 - 10:45p Jeremy Pinnell

11:00 - 11:45p The Adobe Collective

FRIDAY 3/15 - Maria's Taco X-press
12:00 – 12:20p Alice Wallace
12:35 – 12:55p Curse of Lono
1:10 – 1:30p The Artisanals
1:45 - 2:05p NOCONA
2:20 – 2:40p Sarah Potenza
2:55 – 3:20p Sam Morrow
3:35 – 3:55p Charlie Faye & The Fayettes
4:10 - 4:30p The HawtThorns
4:45 – 5:05p Bonnie Whitmore
5:20 - 5:40p Rosie Flores
5:55 – 6:15p The Adobe Collective
6:30 - 6:50p The Small Glories

Saturday 3/16 - Hideaway Acoustic Brunch
11:00 - 11:35a Jenny Van West
11:45 - 12:20p Xander Hitzig
12:30 - 1:05p Alice Wallace
1:15 - 2:00p The HawtThorns

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