01 November 2016

Blood and Glass - Whiskey | New LP 'Punk Shadows' Due Out Early 2017

Blood and Glass is moody punk fronted by a woman, but this is in no way girly music. Their song WHISKEY was written for the guy in the Pink Floyd tee shirt sitting alone at the bar. The over-thinker. The one who enjoy s being an oddball. The one who goes home alone every night and falls asleep with his hand down his pants. So, in fact, this song is for all of us; we've all been that guy once or twice. Punk is not a hair style. It is not a fashion statement. Punk is the expression of inner freedom, says Lisa Moore, front woman of Blood and Glass. Their upcoming album, PUNK SHADOWS is catchy and moody at once. It is playful and full of colour yet cinematic and full of emotion.

POP Montreal labeled their style as Industrial Sade meets Tom Waits.

Formed, at first, by Lisa alone, she went to NYC to record her demos in 2013. Not long after, she met Morgan Moore, and she brought him to help her finish her EP. They began playing as a duo, and were offered free studio time at Planet Studios

So they got hitched and began their first album. Robbie Kuster joined their ship and, by 2014, Blood and Glass began playing packed shows in Montreal, Quebec, New York City and Toronto.

Their first album, Museum With No Walls, was released in October 2014. It was given incredible reviews by journalists worldwide and was completely self-produced and self released. It took them across the world, on several tours opening for notorious artists such as Patrick Watson and Ariane Moffatt. They headlined 20 concerts in their tour of Italy, played festivals all over Quebec and Canada, and they have gone to NYC several times playing to crowded venues.

Their award-winning live show is like a St Vincent concert with more danger. Think of it as St-Vincent mixed with Crystal Castles -- and some moody poetic Godspeed moments mixed in for added effect. Blood and Glass was voted top three best live shows at FME by Consequence of Sound and, in NYC, their concerts won them a free music video at the Silver Sound Showdown Event. 

Now signed to Simone Records, Blood and Glass are gearing up to release their second album PUNK SHADOWS.

"It is the first time I am 100% proud of something", says Lisa, "This album will win a Grammy-or at least a Granny with purple hair."

Front-woman/writer of songs Lisa Moore continues: "We worked so hard on this record, but the ultimate goal behind each recording is based on advice from Jean Leloup "Quand cest le fun, cest le fun...pis quand ce nest pas le fun, ce nest pas bon.": This allowed us to maintain freedom in the recordings. The magic is there. Music should be free. When I think of The Beatles I think...They felt free."

Blood and Glass' upcoming album PUNK SHADOWS will be out in February 2017 on Simone Records. Their first single, Whiskey released on Halloween, for all you drunken monsters.


Blood and Glass will be hosting a night-time concert on November 11th at Montreal’s Breakglass studio, from 9pm onwards. It will be an immersive event in which the whole space is lit up, incorporating the audience into the performance itself.

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