13 February 2013

Michele Rosewoman and New Yor-Uba Celebrate 30 Years Together Launch Kickstarter Campaign To Record Debut CD

What better way to celebrate a 30th anniversary! Michele Rosewoman and New Yor-Uba invite friends, fans and aficionados to support the realization of their first CD, to be recorded in the studio in April and released this fall through their Kickstarter campaign.

Pianist/Composer Michele Rosewoman has spent a lifetime immersing herself in the essence of spiritually based Cuban Folkloric music and contemporary jazz concepts, and over the past three decades, New Yor-Uba's repertoire has deepened and evolved. With your support, 30 years of musical evolution can reach fruition here and now.

Through a Kickstarter campaign, Michele Rosewoman needs to raise $23,000 in funds to help cover the expenses of hiring 10 master musicians to record the music at the highest level, as well as costs for studio time, mixing, mastering, duplication, and marketing of the CD.

Celebrating the mystery of Yoruban deities and their role in contemporary life, Rosewoman musically integrates horns and a rhythm section with a core of master Cuban vocalists and drummers, uniting the worlds of contemporary jazz and Cuban folkloric music. The repertoire for this project will include new and rarely performed works alongside New Yor-Uba classics.

Personnel will reflect the ensemble's 30-year trajectory, including both longtime collaborators and new faces. Ms. Rosewoman recalls,  "At our first rehearsal three weeks ago my instincts regarding choice of personnel were confirmed. With this group of amazingly creative and tradition-drenched voices I seem to have found a striking balance and affinity that will be reflected in every way in the music we are about to document."

Personnel includes:
Michele Rosewoman -- Piano and Vocals
Freddie Hendrix -- Trumpet and Flugelhorn
Oliver Lake -- Soprano and Alto Saxophones
Gary Thomas -- Tenor Saxophone and Flute
Vincent Gardner -- Trombone
Howard Johnson -- Baritone Saxophone and Tuba
Pedrito Martinez -- Bata, Congas, Vocals
Roman Diaz -- Bata, Congas, Vocals
Abraham Rodriguez -- Bata, Congas, Vocals
Yunior Terry -- Bass
Adam Cruz -- Drums

"New Yor-Uba is the tapestry that weaves together all of my dreams, experiences, knowledge, the people I've met, the places I've been and the life or lives I've lived," Rosewoman explains.  "This recording will be a dream fulfilled, the manifestation of what is truly one of my greatest goals. We invite you to help us celebrate our 30 years by contributing to the project and being a part of this landmark moment in our history."

How You Can Help:
Michele Rosewoman and New Yor-uba need your support and your pledges to make this happen successfully. They are offering various gifts, perks and opportunities, all of which provide the opportunity to share and enjoy a heartfelt musical experience. Please join in making this happen by giving your pledges at Kickstarter.

About New Yor-Uba:
The name "New Yor-Uba" reflects the progression of the music of the ancient Yoruba people from Nigeria through Cuba to present day New York, and salutes the Orishas (Yoruban deities) in a contemporary jazz setting. Repertoire features Ms. Rosewoman's original compositions alongside arrangements of centuries-old Yoruba (Nigeria) and Arara (Dahomey, present-day Benin) chants as well as Abakwa (Nigeria) and Rumba (Cuba) musical traditions.

Support from the National Endowment for the Arts facilitated their 1983 premiere as a 14-piece ensemble featuring master folklorist Orlando 'Puntilla' Rios at Joseph Papp’s Public Theatre in NYC. Performing throughout the U.S. and Europe in the years to follow, he remained both the featured ensemble member and a vital mentor until his passing 5 years ago. Dedicated to his memory, the ensemble moves ahead with gratitude and respect for the foundation given us by Mr. Rios.

Ms. Rosewoman is credited as one of the first in delivering a thoroughly uncompromised synthesis of these two profound musical genres. New Yor-Uba remains eminently vital as Rosewoman continues to enhance the ensemble's repertoire with new music and personnel to reflect and explore the crossroads of these musical traditions as perceived through her genuinely unique vision.

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