21 November 2011

You Tube Sensations Rock & Rot Vampires Bruce & Randy Sink Their Teeth Into New Internet Variety Show

Maverick Street Entertainment are proud to sponsor the internet sensations the Rock & Rot Vampires Bruce & Randy, whose variety show has taken YouTube by storm! The 'Rock & Rot Vampires' is the first variety show on the internet that is reminiscent of the great variety shows of the past offering comedy, gags, music and guest stars. Visionary in their focus, Bruce & Randy (who's identities are a well kept secret) believe the time is right on the internet for 'real' entertainment for everyone, including kids and adults. “The Rock & Rot Vampires are two rockers from the dead that like to entertain in a macabre yet wholesome manner,” explains Vampire Bruce. “Our music is a blend of rock, metal, soul and the blues. The Vampires want all types of music performers to come on the show. All blood types are welcomed as well.” The last show included a performance by accomplished singer Angela Warner, who was the East Coast finalist on ABC's 'Karaoke Battle'.

The Rock & Rot Vampires Bruce & Randy's musical and comedic influences run deep. Musically, starting with The Beatles and branching out from there. Certainly late '60s and early '70s bands like Cream, Deep Purple, Hendrix, Grand Funk Railroad, Steppenwolf and YES to name a few are big influences on both ghoulish musicians. Likewise bands from the '80s also have their merit in the undead duo's repertoire like the Police, Elvis Costello and The Clash. Also Latin American music including Santana and Bossa Nova are prevalent. All the theme music, which include live performances by the Rock & Rot Vampires on each show, was written, produced and arranged by the deranged duo! Oddball comedy is another major aspect of The Rock & Rot Vampires Bruce & Randy, with dark and cheesy humor that will make you laugh until you retch. Comedic influences include duo's like Rowan & Martin and Martin & Lewis, as well as individuals like Richard Pryor and Andy Kaufman.

The Rock & Rot Vampires were discovered by Maverick Street Entertainment, who are always carving out new paths in the entertainment industry. “We approached MSE about developing an internet variety show unlike anything ever done, and they responded favorably,” says Vampire Bruce. “At that point we decided not to bite the neck of the company's president.” Founded by two musicians and former corporate executives pursuing their dream, Maverick Street Entertainment offers the highest quality new and used music equipment, including guitars, amps, mics and recording equipment that can be used by the beginning musician or accomplished professional. “Maverick Street Entertainment is an international reseller of new and used music equipment as well as a producer of internet shows,” says MSE's president. “The company had carved out a niche selling new and used music equipment through our website MaverickStreetEntertainment.com. The equipment it buys is of the highest quality that can be used by the novice musician to the professional the minute they receive the gear. In fact, the gear is in better shape when it leaves Maverick Street Entertainment than when it's received.”

For more information and broadcast times for Rock & Rot Vampires Bruce & Randy go to:

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