02 November 2011

Piers Faccini Debuts Spellbinding Video for “Tribe”

Soulful, expressive singer-songwriter Piers Faccini hasreleased “Tribe” – the remarkable first video from his new fourth full-lengthalbum, My Wilderness., out on October 11 via Six Degrees Records.  The newvideo is a perfect example of Faccini’s melding an assortment of influences – bothmusical and visual – into one rich canvas.

Thesong, driving to the hypnotic call and response, “how long,” recalls whiskyaddled Mississippi bluesmen and perspiration drenched gospel choirscrying to the heavens from clapboard houses. This is Piers weaving fragments ofmyth into a collage retelling of the rise and fall of civilizations acrosstime. Entirely hand made out of cut up maps and using references that rangefrom Chinese dragons to the stock market fall by way of the pyramids of Giza,the video draws parallels from history with the present economic and culturalcrisis in the West. What’s more, it features dizzying, top-notch animation fromNo-Mad films with whom Piers scripted the video.

Faccini explains the clip’s origins as: “After I had madethe collages for the album using cut up maps of the world, I then had thebeginnings of an idea to make a stop-motion animation film along the samelines. I quickly realised that it would be a gargantuan task given that myexperience is as a painter and not in animation. I was out of my depthtechnically.  My publisher put me in touch with the guys from No-Mad films.They loved the maps and the collages and the idea of a stop-motion animation.We discussed in detail what the song was about and the various images andsymbolism that recur in the film. I lit the torch with the concept behind thisfilm but they ran with the baton all the way to the finish. The work behindthis kind of film is mind-boggling. I cannot praise the guys at No-Mad filmsenough.”

British-born Piers was raised in France where he attendedart school before making a name for himself on the London music scene with thegroup Charley Marlowe.  In 2004 he released his first solo album in France tocritical acclaim, which led to an American record deal.  From that time hebegan playing regularly in the States opening for such artists as Amadou &Mariam and Ben Harper, with whom he developed a close personal friendship andseveral collaborations.  Melodies and words are in Piers’ bones and his finelycrafted songs resonate with traces of all those who he has worked with.

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