13 September 2011

Musical Alchemist Janet Robbins Releases 'Song of the Gypsy Tree'

Weaving sonic tales of magic and mysticism, Janet Robbins has released her fourth album 'Song of the Gypsy Tree'. Described as “moody, laconic, enticing, sometimes baffling”, Janet's music possesses a “dark beauty and symphonic grandeur.” With ethereal ambient soundscapes intertwined with world music rhythms and hauntingly beautiful vocals, Janet's work continues in the path of her contemporaries Mike and Sally Oldfield, Kate Bush and Gilli Smyth. “This is what you might listen to after you are awakened from cryo-sleep and find yourself adrift somewhere on Orion's belt,” says Bill Binkelman of Wind and Wire about Janet's music. A world traveler her compositions are as equally influenced by the imagery of ancient sacred sites in Turkey, England, Egypt or the mountains of upstate New York and Asheville to her new home in Northern, CA.

“For me, the album is about relationship of all kinds,” Janet explains, “the struggles we create when we ignore our relatedness to one another, the animal kingdom, and to the environment, and the offerings of the natural and spirit world and the surrender that's needed.”

Here's what's being said about Janet Robbin's 'Song of the Gypsy Tree':

“ 'Song of the Gypsy Tree' is a truly unique and amazing experience! I don't recall ever hearing such a well-crafted blend of lyric, melody, voice and sonic imagination...What a beautiful, enchanting and musical album, filled with pleasant surprise after surprise.” - Chuck Wild, Composer/Producer

“The sense of being carried along on an unfolding trip into beguiling soundscapes of a highly personal nature is constant; beautiful at times, deeply introspective at others, then full of shadow, then vivid hues and warmth.” - Morpheus Music Reviews

“Janet Robbins new CD 'Song of the Gypsy Tree' is a fresh interpretation of musical art. Her lyrics are profound, her voice is pure, and the music is deep and emotional...” - Steve DellaVecchia, Producer/Composer

Born into a musical family in Nashville, TN, at five Janet began playing/studying classical piano. After years of writing and performing, she eventually made her way to Los Angeles, playing in bands before finding her compositional voice through the creation of atmospheric soundscapes, incorporating her vocal and instrumental talents as well as the many diverse cultural influences she has absorbed from her world travels. This new musical direction led to the release of her 3 CD series, 'Carrying The Bag of Hearts Interpreting the Birth of Stars'.

And now in 2011, Janet Robbins new album promises to take the listener on a spiritual musical journey through vast aural landscapes! The main difference between Janet's new CD release 'Song of the Gypsy Tree' and her previous release is “I'm singing on this album - there's more compositional structure for the lyric, although there are formless passages of lyric as well,” explains Janet. “Sonically I still draw from a source of tone and musicality, that seems to reside in middle earth and deep space. I do feel the quality of journey and travel still exists within the music.”

“I think we have the gift of almost unlimited creation and a responsibility for what/the world we create,” says Janet. “So cook a great meal and share it with friends! Sing a little tune to someone on the street, turn a moment into a radical departure from social dictates, use your voice and break the numbing acquiescence of a collective sleep. But enjoy life.” Janet Robbins is like a musical spirit guide – follow her and she will lead you on an enriching and captivating journey!

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