22 June 2011

MVD Entertainment Group to Distribute High Quality German-Made In-akustik Home AV Cables

German company in-akustik is currently best known in the USA for top quality concert films on DVD and Blu-ray, as well as audio recordings. MVD Entertainment Group and in-akustik are celebrating ten years of trade together, and are very pleased to expand their relationship to audio and video cable distribution.

The founders of in-akustik were annoyed by the mediocrity quality offered by listless manufacturers. They heard that the sound quality of even the best hi-fi components suffers from bad cables and accessories.

Using the finest in technology, the best materials and intricate architecture, they manufacture their cables in their facility in Germany... A prerequisite for their ability to fulfill even individual demands with custom-made products.

Perfect sound and perfect pictures are a question of harmony. Without high quality cables, the best electronics are worth nothing. Cables and connections are vulnerable to faults that can be cured only by know-how.  Pure sound has been a tradition for in-akustik since 1977. Much has changed since then, but the motto still holds true today.

MVD is pleased to bring this level of quality to the North American consumer via http://www.in-akustik-cables.com. There are several product categories including Speaker Cables, Home Hi-Fi, and Home Video.

It is a long way from the amplifier to the loudspeakers. With many obstructions in the loudspeaker cable: capacitance, inductivity, resistance, skin-effect and conductance of the insulation are all just waiting to throw the signals off track. We have something to prevent that: the best insulation from air and polyethylene. The best material from high-purity, oxygen-free copper (OFC), the most sophisticated, constructive solutions - for example, the Duo-PE II insulation - or also fine solid conductors for crystal-clear signal transmission.  

Playback devices such as CD, DVD or Blu-ray players only emit weak signals. Electro-magnetic interaction can easily derail these sensitive signals. This applies to audio cables as well as digital cables. Those who appreciate good sound make sure that they have the right cable. Even the best equipment will deliver bad quality with the wrong cables. Cables are the most important source of interference. Unless they are made by in-akustik. Cables from in-akustik help the fine impulses to reach the amplifier unaltered. With a sophisticated design and dense screening. To make sure every tone arrives. 

Nowadays, projectors and playback devices deliver perfect playback. Nevertheless, the pictures are often out of focus or faded. There is a reason for this: DVD or Blu-ray players emit unbelievably large amounts of information simultaneously at high speed. If the cables are not perfectly designed, the colours and contours fade and the picture is grainy. The main cause for poor pictures and sound is wrong cables. Or in other words, the quality of your device is only as good as the cables it is used with. Picture cables from in-akustik ease the way for signals and protect them from external interference. For all picture connections. 

For more about in-akustik cables, please visist http://www.in-akustik-cables.com

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