15 March 2011

The Million Musicians March for Peace 2011

The Million Musicians March for Peace 2011
Remembering the costs of endless war.
Seeking solutions to the mass misinformation that sustains it.

Where: Texas State Capitol...MUSIC, POETS, SPEAKERS!
When: March 19th, Austin, Texas. The 8th anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq. Noon - 3 p.m.

3 p.m. Parade through downtown...Bring your Instrument, everyone welcome! End parade playing "Down By The Riverside" with all the musicians at the Folk Alliance International event at Threadgills on Riverside.

Musicians lead Austin's annual parade for peace...again. Organized by a network of Austin musicians and friends, with participation by a wide variety of groups and individuals standing for peace, liberty, justice, prosperity, sustainability, Instruments For Peace, is once again inviting everyone to join Austin's annual Million Musicians March for Peace. These common vital concerns are only solvable through increased public awareness and involvement.
Musicians include: Sara Hickman, Eliza Gilkyson, Guy Forsyth, Carolyn Wonderland, David Garza, Barbara K, Michael Fracasso, Will T. Massey, Bill Oliver, Leeann Atherton, Kris Gruen, Atash, Jericho Brass Band...and more!

Poets include: Thom O Peace...and more!

Speakers include: Iraq veteran Hart Viges...and more!

 With music, poets, speakers, and a parade, this Austin-style remembrance on the 8th anniversary of the invasion and ongoing occupation of Iraq will spotlight the terrible human and financial costs of the wars we are engaged in and will point to mass misinformation as the root cause. 

According to the Instruments for Peace a possible solution to endless war would be a mass movement for peace. They say this will happen when the American public becomes aware of the real costs, to them and to others of the USA's ongoing "police to the world" policy.  The organizers encourage everyone to become smarter "news consumers."
"War, injustice, environmental degradation... are only solvable through mass public awareness and resulting appropriate mass action. Together, we are powerful," says Richard Bowden, fiddler, Director of Instruments For Peace
The Instruments for Peace organizers ask everyone to patronize and promote news sources that serve the public, supporting a deeper understanding of our common problems and their possible solutions.

The Million Musicians March for Peace is endorsed and assisted by Artists for Media Diversity, Under The Hood, Vote Rescue, Texans For Peace, Veterans For Peace, Waco Friends Of Peace, Instruments of Freedom for Justice,  Iraq Veterans Against War-Austin, Code Pink-Austin, and Monkey Wrench Books.

Non-musicians (are there any? - everyone can sing along!) and musicians welcome!
Everybody can be an instrument for peace.

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