21 June 2010

"Night Of The Living Dead: Reanimated" on DVD July 27

Night Of The Living Dead: Reanimated
A Mixed Media Re-interpretation of the
Greatest Zombie Film of All Time
Over 100 artists reanimate the timeless classic
Screening announced as part of San Diego Comic Con's opening night festivities

Wild Eye Releasing and MVD Visual are pleased to announce the release of Night Of The Living Dead: Reanimated for North American distribution on July 27.

Rondo Award-nominated as Best Independent Horror Feature, Night Of The Living Dead: Reanimated is a collaborative artistic mash-up of George Romero's cult classic. Nearly 150 International artists and animators chose their favorite scenes and re-envisioned them through their own artwork, with no restrictions on style, media or process - resulting in an eclectic 'art show' interpretation of the seminal 1968 film, all placed over the original's audio.

With work ranging from oil paintings to comic illustrations and sock puppets to CGI and stop-motion - NOTLD:R not only pays the respect due to this most important work in horror history, but encourages viewers to experience the film in a brand new light that bursts with the humor and horror of a new generation of artists.

"This DVD is like a portable horror or zombie convention," observes Wild Eye's Rob Hauschild. "We wanted to recreate the experience that fans have had around the country, where they've enjoyed NOTLD:R at film fests, on horror host TV shows, at zombie-themed events, and pop culture gatherings like the upcoming screening during Comic-Con's opening night."
The screening will take place on Thursday July 22nd at 9:30pm in Room 5AB at Comic-Con. Directly following the screening, contributing artists will hold a panel discussion covering their varied media and involvement in NOTLD:R. They will also be taking questions, giving away NOTLD:R schwag and signing autographs. Confirmed panelists include: John Chesnut and Josh Barnett (claymation and cut-out animation), Jacquelyn Bond (watercolor paintings), Grant Fuhst (mixed-media artwork), Sean Williams (hand drawn animation), Zina Lahr (toy modification/ experimental animation), Brad Uyeda (stop-motion animation), Anthony Amos (digital animation), and Eric Schock (comic book illustration).
The extras-saturated Special Edition disc confirms the comparison to the fun of attending a major con, with the two commentaries serving as "panel talks." The first track spotlights NOTLD:R organizer/curator Mike Schneider as he shares behind-the-scenes secrets to this unique project . A second commentary features NY Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry, the multiple Stoker-winning transmedia zombie scribe whose body of work includes Marvel Zombies, Patient Zero and The Dragon Factory. 

Also included is the hour-plus "Zombie Encounter," an actual panel that sees Maberry joined by other experts on the undead phenomenon such as David Barr Kirtley, John Joseph Adams (The Living Dead) and Stoker-winner Dr. Kim Paffenroth (Gospel of the Living Dead).

Paffenroth's presence as a respected academic underscores the DVD's broad appeal. The cultural and technological trends that enabled the 'mass collaboration' of NOTLD:R is fascinating to many, so it was important that the DVD provide insights into process, not just product. To this end, it includes several different making-of videos. For example, Flash animator Mike Boas guides viewers through the process of rotoscoping Johnny and Barbara by showing you his active desktop firsthand.

Extensive information on all of the individual NOTLD:R contributors is available on the DVD, as well as extended versions of some of their favorite scenes, several short films, as well as DVD-ROM content, and even some of their comics. Viewers also get a scrollable gallery of production stills, focussing on the artists and their dark and sometimes humorous but always compelling visions.

Over Two Hours of Bonus Features: 

Special horror host introduction from Count Gore De Vol  
Commentary with curator horror author Jonathan Maberry 
'Making of NOTLD:R' commentary track 
NOTLD:R artist call-in commentaries 
Coloring Book contest entries 
Alternate/ Deleted scenes 
Short films 
Horror comics and related horror art 
Behind the Scenes: Animation Processes 
The Zombie Encounter Panel discussion video 
"Night of the Living Box Art" videoand more...

Available for purchase from See of Sound  

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