20 February 2010

GOLD: Before Woodstock. Beyond Reality Coming to DVD

GOLD: Before Woodstock. Beyond Reality
Coming To DVD on March 23
A turned-on tale of the new American dream
featuring a soundtrack with unreleased music from the MC5
Wild Eye Releasing and MVD Visual are pleased to announce the release of GOLD: Before Woodstock. Beyond Reality. for North American distribution on March 23. Considered a 'lost' film for 40 years, GOLD has been found again... This is its first time ever on any form of home video.
In 1968, filmmaker Bob Levis led a rag-tag band of dreamers, drop outs and drug-happy darlings into the wilderness to make a movie and emerged a month later with GOLD, a bizarre and beautiful journey into the mind and madness of the late 1960s - one overflowing with fantasies of revolution, recreation and raunchy free love. At once a western, a comedy, a nudie, a drama and a musical - GOLD is a profound potpourri made in the spirit of shaking down square society, while systematically shattering every movie rule in the process. But then the film vanished, lost like the generation from which it came... Until now.
Starring the father of improvisational comedy Del Close (The Untouchables, Ferris Bueller's Day Off), Garry Goodrow (Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, The Hollywood Knights), and fueled by the hard kickin' sounds of the MC5 and more, GOLD is a tawdry and twisted testament to a time when the world was ready for change, and the counter-culture set out to turn it upside-down.

In the current Hollywood film Pirate Radio (Focus) - the character played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman is based on Ronan O'Rahilly (Radio Caroline) - who produced the movie GOLD and got the MC5 in the movie since he was their tour manager '70 to '71.

Track Listing:
* David McWilliams - Gold
* Ramblin' Jack Elliot - Farther Along
* Ramblin' Jack Elliot (with Tony Brown) - All that Glitters
* MC5 - Gold Rush (Train Music)
* Carl Orff - Carmina Burana
* Beastly Times - Out of Sight Mouth
* Sailcat - Freedom Without
* David McWilliams - Go On Back to Momma
* MC5 - Inside Out (Convention Music)
* Sailcat - I Is The Law
* Barry St. John - Money Man
* Barry St. John - Artificial Faces
* MC5 - Sister Anne (Instrumental/ Convention Music)
* MC5 - Future Now
* David McWilliams - Move Over Gabriel

Bonus Materials:
· Commentary with director Bob Levis and star Garry Goodrow
· Special commentary track from Upright Citizens Brigade founding members
Matt Walsh (The Hangover, Reno 911!) and Ian Roberts (Reno 911!)
· Bob Levis 60-minute interview from NYC cable television
· Clip from Garry Goodrow 'Tribute'
· Trailers and GOLD Lobby Cards
Official Film Website

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