11 October 2013


The lyric video for "A Stolen Heart In A Stolen Car" is a follow up to the short film released last month. The lyric video is a hypnotizing trance of delicate YouTube searches for the lyrics of the song. The lyric video is clever and fun with a touch of irony. 

Produced by Brian Sperber (Whitney Houston, Patti Smith, Dinosaur Jr), “A Stolen Heart In A Stolen Car” sounds like what the Hot Fuss-era Killers would have made today if they’d listened to a lot of Human League and Brandon Flowers hadn’t lost his touch.

Metropolis America began in Philadelphia in 2010 when musician and songwriter Cristian Mora connected with drummer Rick Eddy. Mora and Eddy, both children of the Cold War, forged a bond that led to the creation of a sound they call “Cold Pop;” a 21st Century take on the sound and sentiment from the Cold War era in the United States. The first product of this connection and sound was the band's “The Cold Pop Singles” ep in 2011. The addition of Greg Kinter on guitar in 2012 helped to shape their latest creation.

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