17 November 2012

Kate Miller-Heidke and VYou Present Interactive Single Campaign for "Sarah"


Chart-topping Australian singer/songwriter Kate Miller-Heidke has teamed up with interactive video platform VYou on a fan engagement campaign for her latest single, "Sarah."

The bewitching new single from Kate's lastest album Nightflight tells a horrific true tale of a teenage girl who disappears at a music festival. Kate Miller-Heidke paired up with VYou to create a custom fan experience via a tab on her Facebook page.

VYou allows users to share short video responses to questions. In this unique partnership, Kate invites fans to learn the story behind the song and then asks them to contribute their own scary stories in response to her own behind the "Sarah" single. 

According to Kate, "This story happened to one of my best friends from high school, and the story's told from her point of view.  In Grade 9, her friend went missing at a music festival and two weeks later, just turned up at her parents' house with no memory of where she had been. My friend was never allowed to see her again, because everybody blamed her. To this day, my friend doesn't know what happened, because her parents broke off contact. My friend and I had a sleepover in Grade 10, and she told this story to me over several hours while we were lying in our beds with our lights off. I've never forgotten it." 

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