NOVI Drops New Video

Listeners have already agreed, the electro-pop galaxy has a bright new star, and her name is Novi. Her first EP, Now I’m Here, will be released in fall of this year. The video for her first single, “Blackbirds” premiered to rave reviews on Pop Matters just days ago, and was featured on the AOL Music homepage on October 7th. This summer, Novi made waves when the “Blackbirds” single premiered on Arjan Writes, piquing the interest of music fans across the country.

She arrives on the scene with an eclectic, electro-pop sound that captures listeners right away. Novi’s distinct sound is smooth and full of catchy hooks, making her universally appealing. With looping skills Imogen Heap would be envious of, and playful, teasing lyrics that have a life of their own (“I had bar flies sipping on my Motherf#*king drink”) you’ll have Novi “peddling back” through your mind all da

NOVI : Blackbirds from Spool on Vimeo.

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